Hello there I working with api newly in this field so plz help me to understand .. how to use this api i want to login with instagram and get user photo ...

        InstaConfig ic = new InstaConfig();

        ic.redirect_uri = " http://localhost";
        ic.client_secret = "******";
        ic.client_id = "*******"; 
       var user = ia.GetAccessToken(code,ic); //// what is the **Code** im geting red line  ???? asking for .. 

and how to continue with app .. i have look every where i cant find any help ... plz any one help how login with the and get data .. http://instagram.com/developer/authentication/ .... not helping with C# i get help form this link https://github.com/cagrik/csharp-instagram-wrapper ....

  • Please specify the specific (compiler) error you get. Also show us where the "code" variable is declared and / or assigned.
    – Onots
    Commented Jan 5, 2015 at 9:58
  • the CODE is api public InstagramWrapper.Model.OuthUser GetAccessToken(string code, InstagramWrapper.Model.InstaConfig ic)
    – AS Khan
    Commented Jan 5, 2015 at 10:08

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Have a look on InstaAPI (C# Wrapper for Instagram API) on github and codeplex

To login and access logged-in user's photo:

List<Scope> scopes = new List<Scope>() { Scope.basic };
InstaConfig config = new InstaConfig("CLIENT_ID", "CLIENT_SECRET", "REDIRECT_URI", scopes);

// use this to redirect user for authenticating your application
String AuthenticationUriString = config.GetAuthenticationUriString(); 

AuthUser user = oauth.GetAuhtorisedUser();


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