How can I select Unix end of line \n using java.nio.file.Files.write ? Is it possible? I do not find any option or constant to be selected. Here is my method

import java.io.File;
public void saveToFile(String absolutePath) {
        File file = new File(path); 
        try {
            Files.write(file.toPath(), lines/*List<String>*/, StandardCharsets.UTF_8, StandardOpenOption.CREATE, StandardOpenOption.APPEND);
        } catch (IOException e) {
            log.error(e.getMessage(), e);
  • whats the problem you are facing whats the content of lines? – Ali786 Jan 5 '15 at 11:14
  • I need to save lines into file and it works but there are DOS(\r\n) eols in the file and I don't know how to select UNIX ones(\n) instead. – pcejrowski Jan 5 '15 at 11:15
  • you want to save file in unix format? – Sasi Kathimanda Jan 5 '15 at 11:16
  • 1
    does it help ? stackoverflow.com/questions/11530796/… – Sasi Kathimanda Jan 5 '15 at 11:18
  • I hope so, but I have to make me sure about UTF_8 encoding, thanks for your help. – pcejrowski Jan 5 '15 at 11:22

You don't really have another choice but to open a BufferedWriter to the file and write by hand:

try (
    final BufferedWriter writer = Files.newBufferedWriter(file.toPath(),
        StandardCharsets.UTF_8, StandardOpenOption.APPEND);
) {
    for (final String line: lines) {
    // Not compulsory, but...

(or you do as @SubOptimal says; your choice!)

  • Thanks, it works :) I tried to omit bufferedwriter(to be honest, don't know why ) – pcejrowski Jan 5 '15 at 11:27
  • Note that if you use Java 8 you could use a foreach on a stream out of your list of lines – fge Jan 5 '15 at 11:28

You could overwrite the line.separator property

System.setProperty("line.separator", "\n");

PRO: you could use Files.write(... with UNIX lineends also on non-UNIX environments
CON: changing this property most probably will have unexpected side effects

Or you write the lines inside a loop.

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