I am getting the error in the inner foreach while using Select in datatable.

Here is the code I tried so far

foreach (DataRow drOuter in dtLogic.Select("Name='>' OR Name='='"))
     foreach (DataRow drInner in dtLogic.Select("ParentId=" + Convert.ToInt64(drOuter["Id"]) + ""))


where Convert.ToInt64(drOuter["Id"]) have the value 2107362180 when I checked in Immediate Window.
Then why does it throw the below error?

enter image description here

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You should check for strings and not for numbers so insert single quotes in query expr='string'

foreach (DataRow drInner in dtLogic.Select("ParentId='" + Convert.ToInt64(drOuter["Id"]) + "'"))


after this edit you can replace as @Christos answer says



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    Yes. I had missed single quotes inside datatable.Select(). Since the column contains only int values, still Convert.ToInt64(drOuter["Id"]) is working. Thanks a lot @faby Jan 5, 2015 at 11:47

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