I am trying to start docker containers using a script, however, I have observed that the containers do not start at random, and I get the similar error message every time -

level="fatal" msg="Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 5cdfbcf5bcf140410e8bec0055614f2d93afaa04fd455e9a7960fed546cf0fa3: Error getting container 5cdfbcf5bcf140410e8bec0055614f2d93afaa04fd455e9a7960fed546cf0fa3 from driver devicemapper: Error mounting '/dev/mapper/docker-202:1-275538-5cdfbcf5bcf140410e8bec0055614f2d93afaa04fd455e9a7960fed546cf0fa3' on '/var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/5cdfbcf5bcf140410e8bec0055614f2d93afaa04fd455e9a7960fed546cf0fa3': no such file or directory"

However, if i run the same command again after it fails, it works.

I am launching the containers using Weave.

Can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening, or a shell script which checks if the error is thrown and automatically run it again?


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Looks like this issue


What shows

docker version


This is known bug occuring with devicemapper driver only.

Here is the reference of the bug: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/4036

Best solution is to switch either to aufs or overlayfs drivers.

Note that this question seems to be a duplicate from this one: Docker building fails randomly with Error mounting

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