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I have a table and data as shown below, I want to query records containing owner. Any help please ?

select name from team where blob  like %owner%

CREATE TABLE ipl.team(
    name text,
    captain text,
    blob text,
    PRIMARY KEY (name, captain)

  name  |  captain | blob
   KKR |  SRK      | {'owner': 'ABC', 'win': '10'}
   DD  |  ME       | {'owner': 'XYZ', 'win': '8'}

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Although I'm hoping you are not really storing JSON in a text field (it's a bit of a waste), I will try to answer.

In short, no, it does not. It is a key/value store, although with a more complicated storage model than, for example, Riak.

If you want to do something like that, you should implement a text search engine like elastic search, which is a separate topic altogether. You might want to check this quesiton: Elasticsearch vs Cassandra vs Elasticsearch with Cassandra

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