I just arrived at this page.
It is both simple to implement and looks great.
I'm looking for more such examples.


You already hit a gold mine with texample.

A couple of obvious tips:

So: texample, TikZ manual, beamer manual. There is no other good resource that I'm aware of for LaTeX presentations.

Update: there is also the Beamer Theme Matrix, for the choice of a beamer theme.


One thing you can do is not use the default colour theme. EVERYBODY uses the blue/white theme. It's boring. So think carefully about using a different theme. That will immediately make your presentation stand out. (unless everyone else is using powerpoint, in which case you already have the upper hand)

For example: \usecolortheme{beaver} will immediately make your presentation look different from other beamer presentations. You might want to add \setbeamercolor{itemize item}{fg=darkred!60!black} or something similar to your preamble so that bullet points are red rather than blue. (I cannot understand how colour themes fail to redefine that by default...) [this trick comes from here


You can get rid of the navigation symbols as they are more distracting than useful. See the following stackoverflow question:

How to Remove Footers of LaTeX Beamer Templates?

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