How do I convert a single file that has crlf line returns to have lf line returns?

git is already correctly handling crlf to lf conversion automatically for files when I push them to a remote repository, but in this particular case I am not doing a push to a repository. Rather, I am uploading a file, using a file field on an HTML form, to a website that requires that the file have lf line returns. So I need to be able to convert this file individually.

My available potentially useful tools available on this computer would be git and Dreamweaver CC 2014.1. (I'm guessing Word, Wordpad and Notepad are not viable options but I'm open to being corrected.)

I am on Windows 7 and using git line commands.

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The git installation on windows usually includes the dos2unix tool.

dos2unix <file>

But in your case you should use .gitattributes to prevent the file from being converted on windows.

A .gitattributes file can look like this

*.vcproj    eol=crlf
*.sh        eol=lf

From the .gitattributes documentation

Set to string value "lf"

This setting forces Git to normalize line endings to LF on checkin and prevents conversion to CRLF when the file is checked out.

Just commit the .gitattributes file and your file will be checkout out on every system with LF line ending.

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    Use echo "$(perl -pe 's/\r\n?//' filename > filename if you do not have dos2unix. Commented Jan 7, 2015 at 21:41
  • @René Link, thank you, .gitattributes worked as a permanent solution. Commented Jan 7, 2015 at 23:42
  • BY FAR the best solution. Thank you.
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In Notepad++ on the bottom panel on to the Right, right click on the area Windows (CR LF) and select UNIX (LF) this should replace all CRLFs with LFs

enter image description here

Below is the setting in IntelliJ at the bottom right enter image description here

Below is setting for VsCode at the bottom right enter image description here


To convert from Windows-style text to Unix-style text:

perl -pe 's/\r$//g' < windows_file.txt > unix_file.txt

To convert from Unix-style text to Windows-style text:

perl -pe 's/(?<!\r)\n/\r\n/g' < unix_file.txt > windows_file.txt

This "Unix-to-Windows" command is "safe", by which I mean that it won't add extra Carriage-Returns to a file that is already in Windows format. I hope that someone will get some use out of it.


For a single file you can use Notepad++ replace utility:

  • Go to Search -> Replace (or ctrl-h)
  • In the dialog box select "Extended" search mode
  • Set "Find What" to: \r\n
  • Set "Replace With" to: \n
  • Click "Replace All"

Word and wordpad are to avoid! NEVER try to modify some code with it, they will add extra code for the file.

To convert the line end, you just use Notepad++ or Scite, then you choose your end of file: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Here is an example using Scite:



inside your root folder, create a file '.gitattributes' and add this line :

  • eol=lf

save the folder and :

git add . ... all files of your project will LF


You can use crlf tool

crlf file.txt --to lf       # change crlf to lf
crlf file.txt --to crlf     # change lf to crlf
crlf -R directory/ --to lf  # recursive

GitHub: https://github.com/t-regx/crlf


create a <repo>/.gitattributes file with the following content:

* text=auto eol=lf

Finally, apply those new settings in the working directory:

git add --renormalize .

link to the article Using LF line endings on Windows

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