I want to convert a json array of elements to csv in node.js. I've found some module doing that like json2csv or json-csv but they are not complete. For example json2csv only support a flat structure where fields are direct children of the json root and also the schema should be the same for all json objects.
In my case, I want that.
I suppose that i've a json array of objects like that:

    "libelle" : "Projet 1",
    "beneficiaire" : "Mr Leroy",
    "nature" : "Diagnostics patrimoniaux",
    "phasage" : "GLOBAL",
    "budget": [
        {"status": "BROUILLON"}
    "status" : "BROUILLON"
    "libelle" : "Projet 2",
    "beneficiaire" : "Mr Leroy",
    "nature" : "Diagnostics patrimoniaux",
    "phasage" : "GLOBAL",
    "status" : "BROUILLON"

and i want to convert it to csv like that:

"Projet 1","Mr Leroy","Diagnostics patrimoniaux","GLOBAL","BROUILLON","BROUILLON"
"Projet 2","Mr Leroy","Diagnostics patrimoniaux","GLOBAL",,"BROUILLON"

I'm looking for a good and complete node module for doing that. If it doesn't exist, I will do it myself i think so.


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You can use the module jsonexport its pretty easy, check this sample:


var jsonexport = require('jsonexport');

var contacts = [{
   name: 'Bob',
   lastname: 'Smith',
   family: {
       name: 'Peter',
       type: 'Father'
   name: 'James',
   lastname: 'David',
       name: 'Julie',
       type: 'Mother'
   name: 'Robert',
   lastname: 'Miller',
   family: null,
   location: [1231,3214,4214]
   name: 'David',
   lastname: 'Martin',
   nickname: 'dmartin'

jsonexport(contacts,function(err, csv){
    if(err) return console.log(err);

The ouput:


Source: https://www.npmjs.com/package/jsonexport

  • Can it be used in TypeScript environment?
    – Jeff Tian
    Jan 18, 2019 at 3:01

Yes, there are a few npm modules, like fast-csv and ya-csv, that are very helpful for this.

var csv = require('ya-csv');
var fastcsv = require('fast-csv');

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