I want to solve this differential equations with the given initial conditions:

(3x-1)y''-(3x+2)y'+(6x-8)y=0, y(0)=2, y'(0)=3

the ans should be


here is my code:

def g(y,x):
    y0 = y[0]
    y1 = y[1]
    y2 = (6*x-8)*y0/(3*x-1)+(3*x+2)*y1/(3*x-1)
    return [y1,y2]

init = [2.0, 3.0]

but what I get is different from the answer. what have I done wrong?


There are several things wrong here. Firstly, your equation is apparently

(3x-1)y''-(3x+2)y'-(6x-8)y=0; y(0)=2, y'(0)=3

(note the sign of the term in y). For this equation, your analytical solution and definition of y2 are correct.

Secondly, as the @Warren Weckesser says, you must pass 2 parameters as y to g: y[0] (y), y[1] (y') and return their derivatives, y' and y''.

Thirdly, your initial conditions are given for x=0, but your x-grid to integrate on starts at -2. From the docs for odeint, this parameter, t in their call signature description:

odeint(func, y0, t, args=(),...):

t : array A sequence of time points for which to solve for y. The initial value point should be the first element of this sequence.

So you must integrate starting at 0 or provide initial conditions starting at -2.

Finally, your range of integration covers a singularity at x=1/3. odeint may have a bad time here (but apparently doesn't).

Here's one approach that seems to work:

import numpy as np
import scipy as sp
from scipy.integrate import odeint
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def g(y, x):
    y0 = y[0]
    y1 = y[1]
    y2 = ((3*x+2)*y1 + (6*x-8)*y0)/(3*x-1)
    return y1, y2

# Initial conditions on y, y' at x=0
init = 2.0, 3.0
# First integrate from 0 to 2
x = np.linspace(0,2,100)
sol=odeint(g, init, x)
# Then integrate from 0 to -2
plt.plot(x, sol[:,0], color='b')
x = np.linspace(0,-2,100)
sol=odeint(g, init, x)
plt.plot(x, sol[:,0], color='b')

# The analytical answer in red dots
exact_x = np.linspace(-2,2,10)
exact_y = 2*np.exp(2*exact_x)-exact_x*np.exp(-exact_x)
plt.plot(exact_x,exact_y, 'o', color='r', label='exact')


enter image description here

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    For a second order differential equation, init should have length 2, not 3 (and g should return a length 2 array). – Warren Weckesser Jan 7 '15 at 16:01
  • You're right: I got confused. I've edited to correct it. – xnx Jan 7 '15 at 16:06

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