In JGit, I search a way to push a branch and add the upstream reference (tracking).

It is the option -u or --set-upstream into the push command.

I don't see a method in the class PushCommand which permits to do this.

Please, could you tell me how I can do this ?

PushCommand pushCommand = git.push()

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The JGit PushCommand does not offer this functionality (yet), but you can modify the repository configuration like --set-upstream would.

If you pass a remote alias to setRemote() (like the snippet from the question suggests), you need to set the upstream like so:

StoredConfig config = git.getRepository().getConfig();
config.setString(CONFIG_BRANCH_SECTION, "local-branch", "remote", "remote-alias-name");
config.setString(CONFIG_BRANCH_SECTION, "local-branch", "merge", "refs/heads/name-of-branch-on-remote");

This will result in this configuration section

[branch "local-branch"] 
remote = remote-alias-name 
merge = refs/heads/name-of-branch-on-remote

If the remote hasn't been configured yet (i.e. there is no section [remote "remote-alias-name"], you will also have to create such a section. For example, like this:

config.setString(CONFIG_REMOTE_SECTION, "remote-alias-name", "url", "url-of-remote");
config.setString(CONFIG_REMOTE_SECTION, "remote-alias-name", "fetch", "ref-spec");

Constants are defined in class ConfigConstants.

  • It works fine, thanks. I can now do a fetch without specified the remote branch. But I don't understand why I doesn't have the information of the tracked branch when I do a git branch -vv. Do you know why ? Maybe it is because the tracked information is stored into the gitconfig file.
    – ascott
    Jan 8, 2015 at 9:42
  • If you create a branch with the CreateBranchCommand and the start point dentes a branch you can specify whether the new branch should track the start point through setUpstreamMode(). Does that answer your question? Jan 8, 2015 at 13:36
  • It is finally OK, it was my fault ! When I have configured my remote I forgot to called remoteConfig.addFetchRefSpec, that's why when I called git branch -vv, it didin't show me the tracked branch... Thanks for your answer that was perfect.
    – ascott
    Jan 9, 2015 at 10:08

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