I see support for woff2 in the Chromium source code but I don't see the mimetype registered with the IANA.


Think about the correct mime type for WOFF 2.0 files (Google uses font/woff2. W3C recommends application/font-woff2)


Am I missing something obvious or did this just not happen and people are implementing it?


The WOFF2 spec is not yet official but the latest editors draft includes a proposal for registering the MIME type "application/font-woff2". The document "Register an Internet Media Type for a W3C Spec" details the registration procedure at W3C.

I'd recommend against using "font/woff2" as the top level "font" is not registered with IANA at all whereas "application" is. This means "application/font-woff2" is much more likely to be approved, at least in the short term, which is presumably why the W3C are proposing it.

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