In the yii2 documentation I found there is a way to convert active record to array .


But I can't use like this :-


How should I do? Please help


You should add asArray() to ActiveQuery, not to the instance of ActiveRecord. Assuming your primary key column named id, you should change your model finding code to:

Customer::find(['id' => $id])->asArray()->one();

Whole model as array

$model = Customer::find($id)->asArray()->one();

Select specific columns

 $model = Customer::find($id)->select('id,name')->asArray()->one();

Select specific columns as alias

$model = Customer::find($id)->select('id,name as full')->asArray()->one();

Where condition

$model = Customer::find()->where(['email'=>$email])->asArray()->one();

Whole records?

$model = Customer::find($id)->asArray()->all();

you may use

$model = Customer::findModel($id);

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