Recently I did a Java programming exercise successfully which was sent by a recruiting firm, The problem statement goes like this 'There are two text files FI(records abt files and directory information) and FS(containing blocks of data) which represent a file Index and file System respectively and I was supposed to write a static read method in a class which will read the file from the FS depending upon the path string provided using FI' My question is where can I get these kind of exercises to solve, the complexity should be above average to tough.

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Start here:

Warning! These can become addictive causing you to anger a spouse and/or boss by spending too much time doing "just one more." (I'm guilty of angering both.)

  • Great resources, thanks! – David M May 7 '10 at 19:11

This site has a lot of programming puzzles:


I know they're not the kind that appear in interviews, but maybe you're interested as well.


CareerCup has questions actually asked by many interviwers. Also found http://www.cafeaulait.org/books/jdr/exercises/ and Coding Bat

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