How to write FirstOrDefault Linq Query in F#? Can I use linq to sql in F# in totally?


Note that a more idiomatic approach within F# would probably be to use something along the lines of Seq.tryFind rather than to use the LINQ operators, although it's not a drop in replacement since it returns an option value.

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    I would also recomend using Seq.tryFind - in F#, you generally try to aviod using null values (because they are dangerous). Handling option values is easier as you can also use Option.map and other functions for working with them (though, this probably won't work in F# LINQ to SQL) – Tomas Petricek May 6 '10 at 21:06

Because the Seq module already has a head function of type seq<'a> -> 'a, I would define a function tryHead with signature seq<'a> -> option<'a>:

module Seq =
    let tryHead (ls:seq<'a>) : option<'a>  = ls |> Seq.tryPick Some

using it as:

[1; 2; 3] |> Seq.tryHead

Regarding LINQ-to-SQL, see


Regarding FirstOrDefault, it's just an extension method in the System.Linq namespace:

let l = [1;2;3]
open System.Linq 
let r = l.FirstOrDefault()

Alternatively, you can define your own firstordefault easily:

let firstordefault list =
   match list with
   | head :: tail -> head 
   | [] -> 0 // some default value


let exampleList = [ 1; 2; 3 ]

using F# interactive,

firstordefault exampleList;;  
val it : int = 1

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