What is the configuration setting for modifying the default homepage in a Grails application to no longer be appName/index.gsp? Of course you can set that page to be a redirect but there must be a better way.


Add this in UrlMappings.groovy

 "/" {
    controller = "yourController"
    action = "yourAction"

By configuring the URLMappings this way, the home-page of the app will be yourWebApp/yourController/yourAction.

(cut/pasted from IntelliGrape Blog)

  • Perhaps the method changed in subsequent versions of Grails, because it doesn't work on 1.3.7. Using the syntax posted by daherman worked for me. – jerseyboy Apr 5 '12 at 1:45
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    It should work, according to official docs but remember to use the short name for your controller - i.e. if your controller class is BooksController, then you refer to it as "books" only. – Wonko Aug 21 '15 at 8:09

Edit UrlMappings.groovy

Add for example add this rule, to handle the root with a HomeController.



You may try as follows
in the UrlMappings.groovy class which is inside the configuration folder:

class UrlMappings {

    static mappings = {

            constraints {
                // apply constraints here

        "/" ( controller:'Item', action:'index' ) // Here i have changed the desired   action to show the desired page while running the application

hope this helps,


Use controller, view and action parameter by the following syntax:

class UrlMappings {
   static mappings = {
       "/" (controller:'dashboard', view: 'index', action: 'index')

Simple and Neat

  1. Go to File: grails-app/conf/UrlMappings.groovy.

  2. Replace the line : "/"(view:"/index") with "/"(controller:'home', action:"/index").

Home is Your Controller to Run(Like in spring security you can use 'login' ) and action is the grails view page associated with your controller(In Spring Security '/auth').

Add redirection of pages as per your application needs.


All the answers are correct! But let's imagine a scenario:

I mapped path "/" with the controller: "Home" and action: "index", so when i access "/app-name/" the controller Home gets executed, but if i type the path "/app-name/home/index", it will still be executed! so there are 2 paths for one resources. it would work until some one finds out "home/index" path.

another thing is if I have a form without any action attribute specified, so by default it will be POST to the same controller and action! so if the form is mapped to "/" path and no action attribute is specified then it will be submitted to the same controller, but this time the path will be "home/index" in your address-bar, not "/", because it's being submitted to the controller/action not to the URI.

To solve this problem what you have to do, is to remove or comment out these lines.

//        "/$controller/$action?/$id?(.$format)?"{
//            constraints {
//                // apply constraints here
//            }
//        }

So now when you access "/", will work. but "home/index" will not. But there's a one flaw, now you have to map all the paths to the controllers manually by explicitly writing into URLMapping file. I guess this would help!


If anyone is looking for the answer for gails 3.x, they moved UrlMappings.groovy to grails-app/controllers/appname

As the below answers say, just ed it the line starting with "/".

In my case its:

"/"(controller:"dashboard", view:"/index")

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