I was trying to localize my iOS App. And can't do this.

  1. In info.plist I have:

    Bundle Name = $(PRODUCT_NAME)
    Bundle Display Name = $(PRODUCT_NAME)
  2. Created a infoPlist.strings file

  3. Localized this file.

  4. In each localized file I wrote:

    "CFBundleDisplayName" = "My_App_Name";
    "CFBundleName" = "My_App_Name";
  5. Added a Bool to info.plist named "Application has localized display name" and changed it to YES.

I have changed the iPhone language for infoPlist.strings localizations, but this doesn't take effect. App name doesn't change from the name, that I wrote at the project creating.

  • Did you delete the app before trying the new localization? I think the localized name will only be applied during install. – Mundi Jan 8 '15 at 20:09
  • I check (before and after you say) with App deletion from iPhone and simulator. It's not a reason... – Fresh Fruit Jan 8 '15 at 20:38

The reason for bundle name doesn't localize was that I name localize file "infoPlist.strings". It should be "InfoPlist.strings" (I in upper case like in Info.plist).


enter image description here

In my case I had to localize (English, deprecated). InfoPlist.strings(Base) was.. not used.

Adding "CFBundleName" = "My_App_Name"; in InfoPlist.string is enough.

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