I want to combine two images (one background image, one text image) into one big image.

I believe I have the background image done since it's just based off a file. However, I'm having trouble trying to create an image from scratch. Any tips?

image = MiniMagick::Image.open("public/text_response_bg.png")
image.combine_options do |i|
  i.size "1024x512"

text = MiniMagick::Image.new #<-- does not work
text.combine_options do |i|
  i.size "700x200"
  i.gravity 'center'
  i.fill 'white'
  i.caption 'blahblahblah'

result = image.composite(text) do |c|
  c.compose "Over"
  c.geometry "+20+20"

Create an image from scratch with the following Ruby Code:

MiniMagick::Tool::Convert.new do |i|
 i.size "700x200"
 i.gravity "center"
 i.xc "white"
 i.caption "blablabla"
 i << "test_image.jpg"

MiniMagick provide a method MiniMagick::Image.create to create a new image but seems not work with this issues

Use ImageMagick primary command you can create a pure color image like

convert -size 800x600 xc:"#ffffff" write.jpg

So if not mind using system command to create image you can do:

cmd = "convert -size 800x600 xc:'#ffffff' WRITE_IMAGE.jpg"

UPDATE: I use MiniMagick 3.8.0, and see latest version 4.0.1 has a MiniMagick::Shell class, think it could run that custom ImageMagick command directly.

  • yeh i was thinking that too.. but it doesn't seem too clean. I'll consider it as an option though. thanks! – Edmund Jan 9 '15 at 14:54

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