Okay, so I am trying to get to know the android studio and been playing with few projects. My question is how can I run or debug an app and then open the hierarchy view on it. If I try to open the Android Device Monitor, while the app is running, I get the message: "Following debug sessions will be closed:xx". I see a small Android DDMS window, which opens while debugging or running, where I see the options for Method tracing and allocation tracking, but what about Hierarchy view?

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I'm not sure about the gui, but there are instructions for launching it from the cli, here.

  1. From a terminal, launch hierarchyviewer from the <sdk>/tools/ directory.

You can determine your <sdk> directory in Android Studio via: File -> Project Structure -> SDK Location

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execute the following:


I've made an alias for it:

alias viewer='./Users/<YourUser>/Library/Android/sdk/tools/bin/uiautomatorviewer'

path might be different so locate it:

locate uiautomatorviewer
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