I created a once off Xcode project but entered the organisation name in incorrectly. How can I change it?


There are two things you will need to do. With the project or target selected, you can update the "Organization" field in the "Project Document" section of the "Utilities" panel (usually on the right).

Next, for an existing source files, you will need to perform a search/replace to update the header comments. Only new files will automatically get the new organization name.


Click on target -> click show the file inspector -> organization name text field edit organization name

enter image description here

If you need to edit Project name

1- select you'r project then press Enter edit name

2- show rename project content items

enter image description here

3- click rename

4- build your project

Note : If you use pod should change Target name in podfile then pod install ، You will find that he has created a new file newTarget.xcworkspace

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