I have a job in Hudson with Subversion as Source Code Management.
But I do not want always to update working copy to HEAD revision.
I need to have ability to choose SVN revision during start of this job.
It is possible to parameterize build with revision number.
But as far as I can see I cannot use parameter in repository URL.
I can only hardcode revision.
Is it true?


You can declare a String parameter REVISION and then use http://host/path@${REVISION} as repository URL. When starting a build you will then be asked the revision number. You can give a specific revision or HEAD to build the latest.

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Yes, that's the way it works. For more information:

In JIRA see: http://issues.hudson-ci.org/browse/HUDSON-4412

Also, see: Can a Parameterized Hudson Build Override the svn revision?

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Don't give a URL in Subversion field of Hudson. Just use a single command svn co -rRevision..before the real call of the build script. URL where Revision is defined as a parameter.

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    Late, yes, but I really don't recommend doing this. It moves the SVN management out of the build system itself and thus you lose a lot of integration with version history and the current build. It also requires the SVN binaries installed on all build nodes. Anyone reading this, please keep SVN management within Hudson/Jenkins for best results. – Gargravarr Mar 8 '16 at 12:46

The Subversion Release Manager plugin might do what you want.

This plugin allows you to set up a job in Hudson for building specific revisions of a project.

Hudson-3207 is the associated Hudson bug.

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