How to select last record (that is having MAX(id)) from the table?
Next statement works OK, but selects the first record:

$statistics = SystemStatisticsHistory::findOne(1); 

Optimised one


OR if you want increase by number

SystemStatisticsHistory::find()->select(['id'=>'( MAX(`id`)+ 1) '])->one()->id;

To get the model with max id you can apply reverse order and limit to one.

SystemStatisticsHistory::find()->orderBy(['id' => SORT_DESC])->one();

Another option is to use subselect with max like so:

    ->where(['id' => SystemStatisticsHistory::find()->max('id')])

There are some nuances using last option, check this question.

You can check the documentation for max() here.

I personally prefer using first variation.

To get the first record, just change the order direction to SORT_ASC in first query and max() to min() in second query.

P.S. Hardcoded id is a bad practice.

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    Thank you! It works! – MaksimK Jan 21 '15 at 11:26
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    Glad to help. Mark the answer as accepted in this case. – arogachev Jan 21 '15 at 11:41

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