I am trying to create an Android Java binding library with Xamarin. I have the following error:

Error CS0535: 'EU.mypackage.MyClass' does not implement interface member 'EU.MyPackage.IProgressableTask.DoProgress(params Java.Lang.Object[])' (CS0535)

this is the java code:

public class MyClass extends  Thread implements ProgressableTask<Integer>{
//some code here
public void doProgress(Integer... value) {
    Message msg = Message.obtain();
      msg.arg1 = progress;
      msg.arg2 = value[0];
      try {
        //System.out.println("SENT MESSAGE");
      } catch (android.os.RemoteException e1) {
            HiEngageTracker.trackEvent(e1.getStackTrace()[0].toString(), context);
        Log.w(getClass().getName(), "Exception sending message", e1);


Please, could you help solving this?


I solved the Issue by adding this line in the Metadata.xml file:

path="/api/package[@name='eu.mypackage']/class[@name='MyClass']/method[@name='doProgress']/parameter[@type='java.lang.Integer...']" name="type">java.lang.Object[]</attr>

Now it compiles.

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