This is a bug for iOS sdk of Google Plus . the issue is in sharing of video using google plus in iOS application. When I am trying to share an online video (say, from youtube), through GPPShareBuilder using the method setURLToShare: , the video link does not appear on the final share dialogue box. And won't be there in the shared post!

Step-by-step description.

1.Call the setURLToShare method in GPPShareBuilder and pass a valid video url.

2. Dialogue appears to select the circles to which we need to share. Click Next.

3. Wait for the share button to get enabled. ( Normally when this gets enabled, the url will magically appear on the bottom part, but sometimes it doesn't - THIS IS THE ISSUE: BECAUSE WHEN THIS HAPPENS, ON THE SHARED POST, THE LINK WONT BE THERE).

4. On clicking the share button, the post is successfully shared. But when we check only the 'Prefill Text' is there. THE VIDEO LINK IS NOT THERE. (The video urls passed are valid, and in some cases they appear after some delay after the share button has been enabled)

The link doesn't appear at the bottom part of the dialogue box.

  • Hey I'm facing almost the same problem, but when trying to share a video via some URL from the web the video shows perfectly. The thing that I'm not able to do is sharing a video that is stored locally in the device. Have you got any news? – FabKremer Mar 19 '15 at 19:32
  • Nothing so far.. :( – Gokul Mar 20 '15 at 2:02

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