I'm thinking of what would be the right terms to use in the UI of my new program, when referring to graphical data representations - i.e., whether to call them "charts", "plots" or "graphs". I was wondering how these terms are different, and when is it appropriate to use each of them?

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  • Chart: Bar, line, or pie charts.

bar chart
(source: jpowered.com)
pie chart
(source: jpowered.com)

  • Plot: X-Y plot or blueprints.

x-y plot
(source: grass.itc.it)

  • Graph: Nodes connected by edges.

(source: graphviz.org)

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    You're describing one kind of graph which has a completely different meaning than "graph" as OP was clearly asking about. It's as though the OP asked on tennis.stackexchange.com "What's the difference between a game, a set, and a match" and you linked en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_%28mathematics%29 – Mike Graham Jul 1 '14 at 16:10
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    yes, but it also shows that we need a better explanations, emphasizing the differences... – skan Dec 10 '14 at 13:22

I feel your pain. Google searching on these words lately for software libraries was quite difficult due to the overlap in their usage.

Elementary school kids are taught that "graphs" are two dimensional grids used for "graphically" displaying math functions. Yet "graph theory" is about networks, not functions; see graphviz.

Business graphics calls a representation using symbols a "chart," such as a pie chart or bar chart, yet a stripchart is a type of plot.

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