I am trying to extract the following string RL2.OPT.TEST.01­ from this one ­a lot of text...[RL2.OPT.TEST.01]<some more text­. Basically there can be anything before the ­RL2.­ but it always begins with ­RL2.­, and always finish by either ­]­, ­<­, or a space.

I tried with the following regex: m/RL2\..*[\s<\]]+?$/g but even if it finds a match for the string ­-- [RL2.OPT.TEST.01]­, it does not work for ­-- [RL2.OPT.TEST.01] some more text­.

I need an array of all the resultings matches in the large string I have. I think I should also mention that this string has a lot of newline characters, but never in the middle of the strings I am trying to extract.

Any clue about what is wrong with my regex?

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Use a negated character class and remove the end of the line anchor $



[^\s<\]]* Negated character class which matches any character but not of space or < or ] zero or more times.

  • Thank you it did the trick! Will accept the answer in 7min (my account is brand new). – AlexandreC Jan 14 '15 at 15:12
  • You're welcome.. – Avinash Raj Jan 14 '15 at 15:14

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