from haskell examples http://learnyouahaskell.com/types-and-typeclasses

ghci> read "5" :: Int  
ghci> read "5" :: Float  
ghci> (read "5" :: Float) * 4  
ghci> read "[1,2,3,4]" :: [Int]  
ghci> read "(3, 'a')" :: (Int, Char)  
(3, 'a')  

but when I try

read "asdf" :: String 


read "asdf" :: [Char]

I get exception

Prelude.read No Parse

What am I doing wrong here?

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This is because the string representation you have is not the string representation of a String, it needs quotes embedded in the string itself:

> read "\"asdf\"" :: String

This is so that read . show === id for String:

> show "asdf"
> read $ show "asdf" :: String

As a side note, it's always a good idea to instead use the readMaybe function from Text.Read:

> :t readMaybe
readMaybe :: Read a => String -> Maybe a
> readMaybe "asdf" :: Maybe String
> readMaybe "\"asdf\"" :: Maybe String
Just "asdf"

This avoids the (in my opinion) broken read function which raises an exception on parse failure.


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