I have the following code in Classic ASP:

Dim objHttp, strQuery
strQuery = "https://geoip.maxmind.com/f?333l=2112212&i=" & ipaddress
set objHttp = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP")
objHttp.open "GET", strQuery, false

Response.Write objHttp.ResponseText
Set objHttp = Nothing

It's an API from MAxMind to get the city/zip of a user per his IP. It's working but I get a long line like this:

US,CA,Los Angeles,90068,34.134499,-328.190804,673,818,"AT&T U-verse"

Any idea how can I break this line and take from it certain values?


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theArray = Split(objHttp.ResponseText,",")

for i=0 to uBound (theArray)
  response.write theArray(i)

Try that. if the string is always in the same format, you can get the 4th element simply by saying theArray(3)

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