I've notice that when applying

text-transform: uppercase;

to an inline-block span, firefox adds a space at the end of the text. See demo: http://jsfiddle.net/matias/kt71jkLz/

Also, if you switch on and off that css rule using firebug, firefox removes that space and never adds it again. Chrome doesn't add that space at all.


<span>Sample text</span>


span{display:inline-block; color: red; outline: 1px solid blue;}
span:first-letter{text-transform: uppercase;}

Any ideas on how to fix this?


I know this is a bit old, but I ran into the same problem in one of my email campaigns and managed to solve it with a work-around.

In a : paragraph

With something like this in the mobile CSS:

span[class=capital] {
    text-transform:uppercase !important;}

resulted in this displaying in the final email in Outlook after sending:

p aragraph

In FF locally it was fine at full-width and at responsive-width, but after the email was sent the space showed up in both versions (but with proper text-transform where appropriate).

In my case the solution was to wrap the entire word in the span rather than just the first letter and to change the text-transform to "capitalize".

span[class=capital] {
    text-transform:capitalize !important;}

This did not affect the following spacing after the word, e.g. no extra space.

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