Using RubyMine 2.0.2 for the first time today, on Mac OSX Leopard. If I create files in the filesystem (with, say, script/generate) those new files do not appear in rubymine. I have had limited success with restarting the program, in that the files in the db/ folder are added and removed, but unfortunately new folders in the views directory are not shown.

Pardon my french, but wtf?



I'm experiencing the same, couple of things seem to work ... Close rubymine, delete the .idea folder ...

sudo rm -r .idea 

(if macos or linux)

... and restart until they fix it


In Rubymine, Go to File > Open Directory > navigate to the directory or file that you require, this should refresh the view, don't add the .idea folder to git ( if you're using it )

Not great, but you can get round it

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If you right click on a directory in the Projects tab, there is an option for "Synchronize". Click it and RM will show all files, sub-diretories etc. again.

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