I am writing a function called arrayToMap(). I was originally going to just allow String arrays, but I thought I could make it generic so any type of array. I tried the following code snippet but it tells me T cannot be resolved to a type:

public Map <T, Integer> arrayToMap( T [] arr ) {    
    assert( arr != null ) : "arrayToMap null array";
    Map<T,Integer> res = new HashMap<>();
    int ind = 0;
    for ( T val: arr ) {
        res.put(val, ind);
    return res;

What is the correct syntax?


The signature should be changed to this:

// Notice the <T>, this is a generic method declaration
public <T> Map <T, Integer> arrayToMap( T [] arr )

This is called a generic method and you can read more about it here. Just like generic type declarations (classes and interfaces), method declarations can also be generic which means that they can be parameterized by one or more type parameters such as the <T> in the example above.

However, if your class is a generic class i.e. it is declared as a generic type the signature can stay the same as in the original example.

// A generic type declaration <T>
public class MyClass<T> {

    // The type T comes from the generic type declaration,
    // therefore the generic method declaration is not needed
    public Map<T, Integer> arrayToMap(T [] arr) {

But, a generic class is likely not a good approach for the OP:s original use case since the arrayToMap method kind of implies that it is a general method that can be used on any type of array.

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