I am using XBMC to watch IPTV, simple created playlist like this

#EXTINF:-1,Pink Action
#EXTINF:-1,Pink Action 2

The problem is here because on menu in XBMC i have menu TV but all streams, RADIO and TV are together, is ti possible to seperate them in one m3u. With that properly format than i think in XBMC i will get second menu RADIO?

Question is how to properly format m3u list, with RADIO and TV, and also how to add logo of the channel

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Here is properly formated m3u

#EXTINF:-1,tvg-id="Pink Action" tvg-name="Pink Action" tvg-logo="Pink Action.png" group-title="TV", Pink Action

tvg-id= name of the channel EPG
tvg-logo= name of the logo (XBMC/Logo/PinkAction.png) folder
group-title= groups
and finaly name of the channel
  • Is there a language attribute?
    – Gino
    Mar 15, 2017 at 19:15

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