I've got a model like this:

class Talk(BaseModel):
  title        = models.CharField(max_length=200)
  mp3          = models.FileField(upload_to = u'talks/', max_length=200)
  seconds      = models.IntegerField(blank = True, null = True)

I want to validate before saving that the uploaded file is an MP3, like this:

def is_mp3(path_to_file):
  from mutagen.mp3 import MP3
  audio = MP3(path_to_file)
  return not audio.info.sketchy

Once I'm sure I've got an MP3, I want to save the length of the talk in the seconds attribute, like this:

audio = MP3(path_to_file)
self.seconds = audio.info.length

The problem is, before saving, the uploaded file doesn't have a path (see this ticket, closed as wontfix), so I can't process the MP3.

I'd like to raise a nice validation error so that ModelForms can display a helpful error ("You idiot, you didn't upload an MP3" or something).

Any idea how I can go about accessing the file before it's saved?

p.s. If anyone knows a better way of validating files are MP3s I'm all ears - I also want to be able to mess around with ID3 data (set the artist, album, title and probably album art, so I need it to be processable by mutagen).


You can access the file data in request.FILES while in your view.

I think that best way is to bind uploaded files to a form, override the forms clean method, get the UploadedFile object from cleaned_data, validate it anyway you like, then override the save method and populate your models instance with information about the file and then save it.

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    +1 and accepted! This seems to be the way to go - seems kind of a shame that there's not an elegant way to do this using new-fangled model validation. – Dominic Rodger May 10 '10 at 15:04
  • Maybe you could but it is quite new and i am not yet familiar enough with it. – Davor Lucic May 10 '10 at 15:12

a cleaner way to get the file before be saved is like this:

from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError

#this go in your class Model
def clean(self):
        f = self.mp3.file #the file in Memory
    except ValueError:
        raise ValidationError("A File is needed")
    f.__class__ #this prints <class 'django.core.files.uploadedfile.InMemoryUploadedFile'>

and if we need a path, ther answer is in this other question


You could follow the technique used by ImageField where it validates the file header and then seeks back to the start of the file.

class ImageField(FileField):
    # ...    
    def to_python(self, data):
        f = super(ImageField, self).to_python(data)
        # ...
        # We need to get a file object for Pillow. We might have a path or we might
        # have to read the data into memory.
        if hasattr(data, 'temporary_file_path'):
            file = data.temporary_file_path()
            if hasattr(data, 'read'):
                file = BytesIO(data.read())
                file = BytesIO(data['content'])

            # ...
        except Exception:
            # Pillow doesn't recognize it as an image.
            six.reraise(ValidationError, ValidationError(
            ), sys.exc_info()[2])
        if hasattr(f, 'seek') and callable(f.seek):
        return f

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