I use Apache Tapestry as web application framework.

I have variable in my java code. I need value of this variable in javascript after page loaded.

For example java class:

@Import(library = "RoomManagement.js")
public final class RoomManagement{
  private long contactId;

and js in RoomManagement.js:

window.onload = function(){

How can I pass it directly to javascript?

I can not pass value to js like to template, cause it is .js file not .tml.

I can add invisible tag to my page, write value to this tag and read it from js. But do you know another way?


You will need to use the JavaScriptSupport service.

Your java file:

@Import(library = "RoomManagement.js")
public final class RoomManagement{

  private JavaScriptSupport javascriptSupport;

  private long contactId;

  private void setup() {
    JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject();
    jsonObject.put("contactId", contactId);

Your RoomManagement.js

Tapestry.Initializer.RoomManagement = function (parameters) {
    //do whatever you need here
    alert('Your contactId: ' + parameters.contactId);

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