I'm trying to get php's ftp methods to work from within a VM. I can connect using ftp_connect but not actually do anything afterwards.

HOST: Ubuntu 14.10 GUEST: Debian 7 Stack: Vagrant - VirtualBox - Debian - LAMP

I'm using vagrant to run a virtual box VM that runs a lamp stack. In php I'm running some method calls (ftp_pasv, ftp_nlist) that are not working. I discovered that because of the FTP protocol using random ports for connections, the issue is caused by the use of NAT networking in virtualbox. I have the perfect vagrant-virtualbox setup except for this one issue. Does anyone know of a method to get ftp to work on the guest OS in this scenario. I know I could try using a bridged setup, but that means a bunch more work setting it up and the machine will be available to the public. So I would prefer to try to get it working behind that NAT.

I also have tried to use ftp_pasv to get passive mode turned on, which would fix the issue. But the method returns false when I call it to turn on passive mode.


As far as I know this isn't possible. Maybe if you want to hack some source code and compile custom solutions it will work. But that's harder than just using a different setup. I've resorted to using curl to make the ftp connections. Which works for listing files and downloading them.

Anyone that comes across this question and actually finds a solution please post it here.


The problem is most likely related to the network configuration. The fact that e.g. creating a directory works in contrary to getting the directory listing indicates, that theres an issue with the back channel.

A potential root cause is the configuration of the network router. It seems that some routers handle packages different if they are sent from different mac adresses (host vs guest system).


I had this issue and it turned out that upgrading Virtual Box solved the issue. Possibly some bug in the NAT interface.

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