I am trying to round a decimal number to nearest fraction number which end with 0 or 5 in Javascript.example if value is 543.55 should return 545 and if value is 541.99 should return 540. i tried with Math.round() but not able to achieve. kindly suggest me how to achieve that. Thanks in advance, Bijay


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Math.round does the job with a little more extra work. Divide by 5, round it, multiply it back by 5. It is a method I used a quite a bit in the past. Here is a simple snippet to show it is working.

function RoundTo(number, roundto){
  return roundto * Math.round(number/roundto);

alert(RoundTo(543.55, 5));
alert(RoundTo(541.99, 5));

  • Thanks a Lot Ozan. it worked i just used Math.round((Monthly_salary * 0.25)/5)*5 Jan 17, 2015 at 19:53

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