I have a script running play and the following error appears "randomly" on my terminal:

play WARN alsa: under-run

What is causing it? If there's no obvious solution, can I hide it somehow?

Here is my script:


$(stat -c %y ~/custom/log.txt > ~/custom/update.txt)

while :
    now=$(stat -c %y ~/custom/log.txt)
    update=$(cat ~/custom/update.txt)
    if [ "$now" != "$update" ]
        $(stat -c %y ~/custom/log.txt > ~/custom/update.txt)
        $(play --single-threaded -nq synth 0.025 saw 299 vol 0.025)
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    Just a note, but you don't need to surround the stat and play lines with $(...) for the first stat command, or in your if block. $(...) is for capturing the output from commands, and since you're not assigning this output to any variables, it doesn't do anything. – pgl Jan 19 '15 at 13:48
  • Thanks for pointing that out. :) – Fábio Queluci Jan 19 '15 at 15:19

To ignore the error, you can simply divert stderr to /dev/null:

play --single-threaded -nq synth 0.025 saw 299 vol 0.025 2>/dev/null

Note that this will also divert any other errors to /dev/null as well.

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