Sourcing .bashrc file inside vim doesn't update PATH variable.

This is the scenario:

  • I have two terminals open.
  • I exported a new PATH to .bashrc on one terminal using the command echo "export PATH=\$PATH:/home/xyz/abc/polyglot/bin" >> ~/.bashrcand then close the terminal.
  • I then run :! source ~/.bashrc from the vim instance of the other terminal. It sources without complaining.
  • I then type in ! echo $PATH from within vim. The PATH variable doesn't reflect the updated change.

If I open a new terminal and echo $PATH , it displays the updated value which is as expected. But no matter how many times I source .bashrc within vim , the variable doesn't get updated. Could someone explain this behavior?


Every time you execute a shell command from inside vim with :!, vim creates a new subshell environment. When the command finishes, the subshell terminates and all of its environment disappears.

So it doesn't matter how times you create a new shell and set PATH inside that shell; it's only the one used to execute the echo which counts, and in that one, you haven't sourced your profile.

The easiest solution is to source your profile before you start up vim, so that the subshells vim creates will inherit $PATH.

By the way, .bashrc is generally only used for interactive bash shells, and the shells created by vim are not interactive. vim uses bash -c to invoke the shell and pass it a string to execute, although the precise invocation is controlled by the shell and shellcmdflag variables. In particular, if you tell vim to create login shells, by adding -l to the options in shellcmdflag, then the bash shell will automatically source ~/.bash_profile (or ~/.profile if ~/.bash_profile doesn't exist); that's generally a more useful place to put environment settings.


Everything stated by rici is correct as to the source of your problem. However, the solution is actually simple: if you can't set your PATH before invoking Vim, Vim lets you edit the current environment directly.

:let $PATH=$PATH.":/home/xyz/abc/polyglot/bin"

So if you need a new path, write it to a Vimscript file and source from there, instead of sourcing .bashrc.

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