I have a form implemented in a fancybox (version 2.1.5) iframe. People can choose to not to fill up the form and click on "X" to close fancybox form or alternately fill up the form and click on Register.

I have a beforeClose callback setup to set cookies and do some work. But I want this to be triggered only if someone clicks on "X" or Esc key. See code below

    type: "iframe",
    href: "/[url].php",
    autoSize: true,
    height: "auto",
    margin: 0,
    padding: 0,
    autoCenter: true,
    maxWidth: 460,
    maxHeight: 615,
    modal: false,
    iframe: {
        scrolling: "no"
    beforeClose: function () {
        //set cookie code

But if someone was to Register, it will show a Thank you message for 2 seconds and close the fancybox. This is done by using window.parent.$.fancybox.close(); See detailed code below

$.post('/register.php', post_vars, function(data) {

However I do not want the beforeClose event to be called in case I close it from the iFrame or even if it gets called, I need to somehow know that it has been done from the iframe & not using the "X" button.

Is there a way to differentiate this?

  • Do you have some code? – qamar Jan 19 '15 at 8:47
  • @qamar I have added code to the question for better explanation – Pratik Thakkar Jan 19 '15 at 9:28
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I can think different ways to do this, like binding custom events to the fancybox close button or catching the escape key with keyup or keypress, etc.

I guess the simplest way is to create in the parent page, a custom close function like :

var closedFromIframe = false;
function customClose() {
    closedFromIframe = true;

This function will close fancybox (from the parent page itself) when invoked from the iframed page AND will enable the (previously defined) closedFromIframe flag, so instead of this :

$.post('/register.php', post_vars, function(data) {

... you could do

$.post('/register.php', post_vars, function(data) {

Then, in your fancybox script you could validate within the beforeClose callback, the status of the closedFromIframe flag and do whatever you need to :

    // your API options
    beforeClose : function () {
        if (closedFromIframe) {
            // closed from iframe custom function
        } else {
            // close button -or- escape key
    afterClose : function () {
        closedFromIframe = false; // reset flag

Notice we are also resetting the closedFromIframe flag within the afterClose callback.

See a DEMO of this implementation.

  • Perfect. Thanks a lot for your help – Pratik Thakkar Jan 20 '15 at 4:22

This will be triggered only if someone clicks on "X" or Esc key

$(document).ready(function () {


            closeClick: false, // prevents closing when clicking INSIDE fancybox 
            openEffect: 'none',
            closeEffect: 'none',
            enableEscapeButton: false,
            helpers: {
                overlay: {
                    closeClick: false // prevents closing when clicking OUTSIDE fancybox 
            beforeClose: function () {
                return confirm('Are you sure?')

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