I am retrieving a Parse object like so:

  PFObject *countObject=[[PFUser currentUser] objectForKey:@"count"];

count is "5" (set on the control panel on Parse.com). How do I convert this object into an int? want to do

 int x = countObject;

I assume that the value returned by

[[PFUser currentUser] objectForKey:@"count"];

is a NSNumber, so you can use intValue method NSNumber reference

id num = [[PFUser currentUser] objectForKey:@"count"]
int x =  [num intValue];

If you have a doubt on the returned value you can use:

NSLog(@"%@", [[[PFUser currentUser] objectForKey:@"count"] class]);
  • this worked thanks, yes it is a NSNumber. Thanks – Kex Jan 19 '15 at 15:02

Try :

int x =[countObject integerValue];

With checking of the kind of class to avoid future problems.

Class numberClass = [NSNumber class];
id countObject = [[PFUser currentUser] objectForKey:METagCount];
if ([countObject isKindOfClass:numberClass])
   NSNumber *count = (NSNumber *) countObject;
   int x = filesize.integerValue;

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