I have latest version of phpstorm, downloaded today. While uploading files to remote server i click on refresh icon in remote host, then phpstorm displays error could not list the contents of folder phpstorm. How can i correct that ??

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Go to Tools -> Deployment -> Configuration -> Advanced Options. Check Always use LIST command.

Works like a magic!

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    Ftp connected, but files not listed.
    – Ken Shiro
    Oct 23, 2015 at 14:42

Go to Tools > Deployment > Configuration > Advanced Options and Select the Pasive mode option.

It worked out for me!


For me was that for some reason the folder of the Root path was deleted. Check yours!


Go to Tools > Deployment > Configuration > Connection > Advanced and select:

  • Passive mode
  • Compatible with old version of listining children
  • Instead of MLSD

It worked out for me!

Step by step image

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    – Pol Rué
    Aug 3, 2023 at 12:35

for me nether of these settings worked. in my settings i didn't even have passive mode (intellij idea).

so what i did is, lookup the server directory with a php info file (uploaded it with another ftp tool, that was able to list the direcories: transmit) and then rebuild that path inside tools / deployment / root path.


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Similar to the other answer, you want to chec Use LIST Command > Instead of MLSD. The other option does not matter.

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