I am trying to add and resize a local image to a .Rmd file in RStudio that will produce a pdf. I can add the file easily with

![My caption.](path/file.png)

but I have not figured out how to control the size of the image. I tried HTML code with a width attribute, but the image would not appear (I think this only works if outputting to HTML).

<img src="path/file.png" width="200px" />

I could not get this idea to work:

![My caption.](path/file.png =250x)

Is there a way to modify the Rmarkdown script to modify the size of the local image with only RMarkdown and base R?

There is a suggestion to use the png and grid packages, but I am limited to base R for my problem. For other users, however, I think this looks like a good solution.


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You can also specify the size of the image like so:

![](filepath\file.jpg){ width=50% }

The width and height attributes on images are treated specially. When used without a unit, the unit is assumed to be pixels. However, any of the following unit identifiers can be used: px, cm, mm, in, inch and %. There must not be any spaces between the number and the unit.

Source: Pandoc's RMarkdown Documentation - Images

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    I think this answer is the simplest solution. But it works only in RMarkdown (not in Markdown).
    – petzi
    Commented Sep 19, 2017 at 17:30

From @tmpname12345

You can use raw latex to include a figure in pdf_output: \includegraphics[width=250pt]{path/file.png}


In case anyone arrives here from google looking to insert an image into an RMarkdown html_document:

Insert directly

This method is arguably the easiest to change size

<img src="mypic.png" alt="drawing" width="200" height="50"/>

Another way

Note you can mix measurements like so: height="200" width=60%

![some caption text here](mypic.png){height="200" width=60% }

Insert via RMarkdown chunk


Insert directly from URL

```{r echo=FALSE, out.width = '60%'}
image_url <- "http://www.example.com/mypic.png"
<center><img src="`r image_url`"></center>
  • The image inserted directly from URL is not resized to 60% width. Commented Sep 7, 2020 at 23:09
  • @gyaan.anveyshak interesting. I wonder if something like <center><img src="`r image_url` width="60%"></center> would work?
    – stevec
    Commented Sep 7, 2020 at 23:15

A longer example with latex.

\caption{Prices through time.}\label{fig:1}

Other figures created in the .Rmd are numbered automatically.

```{r namedBlock, fig.cap = "Lots of cars."}

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