I have data that looks like this:

vector = c("hello I like to code hello","Coding is fun", "fun fun fun")

I want to remove duplicate words (space delimited) i.e. the output should look like


[1] "hello I like to code"
[2] "coding is fun"
[3] "fun"
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Split it up (strsplit on spaces), use unique (in lapply), and paste it back together:

vapply(lapply(strsplit(vector, " "), unique), paste, character(1L), collapse = " ")
# [1] "hello i like to code" "coding is fun"        "fun"  

## OR
vapply(strsplit(vector, " "), function(x) paste(unique(x), collapse = " "), character(1L))

Update based on comments

You can always write a custom function to use with your vapply function. For instance, here's a function that takes a split string, drops strings that are shorter than a certain number of characters, and has the "unique" setting as a user choice.

myFun <- function(x, minLen = 3, onlyUnique = TRUE) {
  a <- if (isTRUE(onlyUnique)) unique(x) else x
  paste(a[nchar(a) > minLen], collapse = " ")

Compare the output of the following to see how it would work.

vapply(strsplit(vector, " "), myFun, character(1L))
vapply(strsplit(vector, " "), myFun, character(1L), onlyUnique = FALSE)
vapply(strsplit(vector, " "), myFun, character(1L), minLen = 0)
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  • can I apply this same technique to remove any words in the split string that have less than 3 characters? – shecode Jan 19 '15 at 22:47
  • @shecode, the approach would be similar, but you would have to add one more requirement based on the result of nchar (which would count the number of characters in the string). On my phone right now, so I can't show the code, but I'll try to update later. Ideally, if I do so, the question should also be updated. – A5C1D2H2I1M1N2O1R2T1 Jan 20 '15 at 2:57
  • Thankyou. I figured it out how to do it based on the structure of your answer. very useful – shecode Jan 20 '15 at 21:15

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