The program takes an xml that is mixture between html and custom tags. I want to replace this custom tag:

<replaceable />

With this:

Some text
<div>Other text</div>

The main problem is that any framework or library that I can use to properly handle XML (like LinqToXML or System.Xml) cannot get the whole content. If try like this:

// replaceable is an XElement for <replaceable />
// content is a string

It ends up all as escaped text, and is taken as the value for the XElement.

And if I try the XElement.Parse() method, like other questions here suggest, I lose the plain text at the beginning, and only the <div> remains.

Is there a way to do this kind of replacement without going all regex on it?


You need to wrap the content in a tag before you parse it, so that XElement.Parse() can give you all of the nodes.

var outer = XElement.Parse("<dummy>" + content + "</dummy>");
  • I am actually wrapping it. but this made me realize my silly mistake. I was using outer.Elements() instead of Nodes(). Thanks, that was fast and easy – GalmWing Jan 21 '15 at 1:43

Using a string you are replacing the element with a text node. You want to first create an new XElement and use it for replacement.

replaceable.ReplaceWith(new XElement("div", otherText));

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