I'm trying to build a simple web site using Clojure / Compojure and want to feed apply a servlet filter to the request / response (i.e. a standard javax.servlet.Filter instance).

e.g. if the current source code is:

(defroutes my-app
  (GET "/*"
    (html [:h1 "Hello Foo!!"]))

I would like to add a filter like this:

(defroutes my-app
  (GET "/*"
    (FILTER my-filter-name
      (html [:h1 "Hello Foo!!"])))

Where my-filter-name is some arbitrary instance of javax.servlet.Filter.

Any idea how to do this effectively and elegantly?

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    do you want to apply your filter to all routes or only some? In the first case it may be easier to put the filter above Ring/Compojure, at the Servlet level. In the second case you need to write (with reify or proxy) an adapter which turn a filter into a middleware. – cgrand May 11 '10 at 14:52
  • Thanks very helpful. I'd like to do the second but it doesn't seem to be possible because the request / response parameters that the filter needs aren't passed as parameters to the middleware system. I'm trying the first - will post an answer if I get it to work! – mikera May 12 '10 at 0:56
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    To do the second you also need to create objects that implement HttpServletRequest/Response on top of the request/reponse maps. Or to use existing implementation (eg static.springsource.org/spring/docs/2.0.x/api/org/…) but I think it's simpler to implement them with reify than deal with a stateful mock object -- as Rich Hickey says "Those mock objects, they are mocking you"! – cgrand May 12 '10 at 9:48

Ok I've now got this working! Thanks cgrand for the pointers in the right direction!

My solution involved creating proxies for a filtered servlet and a filter chain. Code below for anyone interested.....

(def pass-through-filter 
  (proxy [javax.servlet.Filter] []
      [request response #^javax.servlet.FilterChain filterchain]
        (.doFilter filterchain request response)))))

(defn filter-chain 
  [#^javax.servlet.Servlet servlet]
    (proxy [javax.servlet.FilterChain] []
      [request response]
      (.service servlet request response))))

(defn filtered-servlet 
  [#^javax.servlet.Filter servlet-filter handler]
  (let [#^javax.servlet.Servlet base-servlet (servlet handler)
        the-filter-chain (filter-chain base-servlet)]
    (proxy [javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet] []
          [request response] 
          (.doFilter servlet-filter request response the-filter-chain))
              (.init base-servlet config)))))

(defroutes my-app
  (GET "/*"
            [:h1 "Hello Foo!!"]))
  (ANY "*"
    [404 "Page not found"])

(run-server {:port 80}
  "/*" (filtered-servlet pass-through-filter my-app))
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    You don't need to add your filter definition to web.xml file? – Chiron Jun 24 '13 at 12:03

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