I have 2 lists which are interlinked as example




I have to create a tuple using these 2 lists.

Final output should be data={'pablo':21,'rob':23,'rahul':20,'roni':24}.

And let the output of the above problem is given. How can I get back the original lists i.e. 'name' and 'age'.

How can I do it using python commands?

  • Aside: you say "tuple", but it looks like you want a dictionary instead. – DSM Jan 21 '15 at 13:59
  • What is the difference between tuple and dictionary in python? – Alapan Kuila Aug 11 '15 at 12:22

You can use the zip() function to pair up your lists; pass that straight to dict() to produce your dictionary:

data = dict(zip(name, age))

zip() produces an iterator that gives you tuples with each element from each input paired up. dict() is quite happy to take those pairs and interpret those as key-value pairs.


>>> name=['pablo','rob','rahul','roni']
>>> age=[21,23,20,24]
>>> zip(name, age)
<zip object at 0x10a6d0e08>
>>> list(zip(name, age))
[('pablo', 21), ('rob', 23), ('rahul', 20), ('roni', 24)]
>>> dict(zip(name, age))
{'roni': 24, 'pablo': 21, 'rahul': 20, 'rob': 23}

Take into account that dictionary ordering is arbitrary, so the list() and dict() pair orders are different.


Using zip and dict comprehension:

>>> name = ['pablo','rob','rahul','roni']
>>> age = [21,23,20,24]
>>> {n: a for n, a in zip(name, age)}
{'pablo': 21, 'rahul': 20, 'rob': 23, 'roni': 24}

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