We have a custom twitter handle for posting some event info to a social wall application. One of the Tweets is something like 1pm example.com voting begins We want it to show just like that on our wall, however Twitter makes the example.com a link and creates a shortened url for it. So our app shows something like 1pm http://484j/348.com voting begins

Is there any way to tell Twitter not to shorten example.com and just leave it as text?


I've experimented with this, and there are a couple of ways.

  • example.com <- Will Link
  • /example.com <- No link when started with a slash
  • example.com <- No link using full-width stop
  • example。com <- No link with Halfwidth ideographic full stop
  • example․com <- No link with One Dot Leader

See https://twitter.com/edent/status/558013466494369792 for proof.

So, basically, you have to use a unicode character which looks like a period, but isn't.

Of course, if a user copies & pastes the text into a browser, it won't work.

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  • Thanks, that was very useful. – David Mennenoh Jan 26 '15 at 17:44

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