When I try to add Sass::Plugin.options[:style] = :compact to environment.rb

When I try to start up my server I get:

uninitialized constant Sass (NameError)

I have added gem 'haml', '3.0.0' to my Gemfile.

Anybody ran into this?

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I tried what you described and it worked fine for me. I'm using haml 3.0.4 which is the latest version. You may want to run a gem update haml on your system and try again. The list of changes from 3.0.0 to 3.0.4 are at http://sass-lang.com/docs/yardoc/file.SASS_CHANGELOG.html

I also suggest not putting this in your environment.rb, but instead create a config/initializers/sass_config.rb file and put your SASS config there. Mine looks like this:

Sass::Plugin.options[:property_syntax] = :old

I had the exact same problem, and using the sass_config.rb file worked for my case - it seems the calls in environment.rb are occurring before the plugin init.rb is loaded.

  • Using HAML 3.0.18 had the exact same problem. Moving the code to initializer solved the problem.
    – shmichael
    Sep 13, 2010 at 9:37

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