I'm getting the error, undefined is not a function for the line entries.forEach(function(e) { and I don't know why. Can anyone help?

I'm certain that entries is defined as the prototype below when I pass it to the function.

This is the function I'm working on:

function score_relevance3(entries, usr_tags) {

        entries[e].count = 0;
                if (entries[e].tags[i] === usr_tags[f]) 

    return entries;

Here is a prototype of my entries object:

entries = {

Like elclanrs mentions in the comment, you can't call forEach on an object, only an array. If you want to go through entries, use:

for (entry in entries) { ...

The reason is simple. For instance, if you have an object, foo, and you try to call foo.bar(), then, if bar is undefined, then you cannot use it as a function and you will get the error of

undefined is not a function


entries.forEach(function(e) {

I believe forEach does not exist and you have the error for the above mentioned reasons. Try this:


Is it undefined?

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