Whenever i print any report it doesn't come with defined format. Here i have attached report screen.

Bad Form

Actual format is: Proper Format

Thanks in advance.

  • Did you find any solution to this problem? May 22 '15 at 11:59
  • @Pooja: Facing the same issue. Did you find any solution for that? Sep 23 '17 at 11:50
  • Hi,The issue was I restored db and current port is different than previous port no. Go to system parameters and check Report URL. Change port if necessary. Thanks,
    – Pooja
    Sep 25 '17 at 11:55

Your report is missing the header and footer sections. This is a known issue with older versions of wkhtmltopdf. It should be at least version 0.12.0.

The current version can be checked with:

$ wkhtmltopdf --version
wkhtmltopdf 0.12.1 (with patched qt)

Check the latest version for your platform at http://wkhtmltopdf.org/downloads.html and install it.

For example, to install current 0.12.1 64 bits:

$ sudo apt-get remove --purge wkhtmltopdf 
$ wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/wkhtmltopdf/0.12.1/wkhtmltox-0.12.1_linux-trusty-amd64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i wkhtmltox-0.12.1_linux-trusty-amd64.deb 

After install wkhtmltopdf 0.12.0 still header missing ?

There is small configuration you can try this Report formatting not working in Odoo 8 Qweb Reports

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