I want to compile my IOS appication from linux terminal(command line).... Is it possible to do so, if yes, then how?

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Yes, it's possible.

At least you need:

  1. Assembler and Linker: cctools and ld64 from apple opensource.
  2. Compiler: Clang/LLVM
  3. SDK, include headers and libraries.
  4. Utilities: such as ldid codesign tool.

Step 1 : The compiler

Clang/llvm >= 3.2 is highly recommended and tested.

If you want to build clang/llvm from scratch, Please refer to this link to build a svn version for your linux distribution.

If your distribution already provides clang/llvm packages,make sure it is 3.2 release or above. Lower version may work but isn't tested.

for Ubuntu 13.04 and later, clang/llvm already provided in repos, please run:

$sudo apt-get install gcc g++ clang libclang-dev uuid-dev libssl-dev libpng12-dev libicu-dev bison flex libsqlite3-dev

to install some dev packages, other dev packages related to llvm/llvm-dev should be installed automatically.

Step 2 : The assembler and linker

The latest cctools-855 and ld64-236.3 had been ported from Apple opensource to linux. the porting process is a little bit complicated, also with a lot of codes modified for linux, let's just skip it.

please check out the codes from:

svn checkout http://ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/cctools-porting

Build it:

$ sed -i 's/proz -k=20  --no-curses/wget/g' cctools-ld64.sh
$ ./cctools-ld64.sh
$ cd cctools-855-ld64-236.3
$ ./configure --target=arm-apple-darwin11 --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ make install

For Ubuntu 13.04, since the clang/llvm 3.2 package use a customized libraries/headers path. please setup CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS first before run configure.

$export CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/llvm-c-3.2"
$export CXXFLAGS="-I/usr/include/llvm-c-3.2"

Step 3: The iPhoneOS SDK.

The old iPhone SDK with ARC support extracted from xcode had been provided in Download Sections. You can directly download it and extract it to /usr/share

For iOS 4.2: https://ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux.googlecode.com/files/iPhoneOS4.2.sdk.tar.xz

For iOS 5.0: https://ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux.googlecode.com/files/iPhoneOS5.0.sdk.tar.xz

For iOS 6.0: https://ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux.googlecode.com/files/iPhoneOS6.0.sdk.tar.xz

For other iOS versions, You may need follow these steps to get the SDK for your self.

Step 4: The utilities

iphonesdk-utils is a utility collection for iOS development, provides below utilities:

NOTE: (Some of them are collected from internet with some modifications.)

ldid : codesign tool, with armv7/armv7s support and other changes from orig version. it will be involked by ld64 after link complete. ios-clang-wrapper : automatically find SDK and construct proper compilation args. ios-switchsdk : switch sdk when multiple version of SDK exist. ios-pngcrush: png crush/de-crush tool, like Apple's pngcrush. ios-createProject : project templates ios-genLocalization : iOS app localization tool based on clang lexer. ios-plutil : plist compiler/decompiler. ios-xcbuild : convert xcode project to makefile, build xcode project directly under linux. Download the source tarball from: https://ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux.googlecode.com/files/iphonesdk-utils-2.0.tar.gz

Build and install it:

$./configure --prefix=/usr
$make install

Build App

Now you can build and install your project simply doing:

$cd ProjectDir
$make install IPHONE_IP=<your own device IP

Complete info you can find here — https://code.google.com/p/ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux/wiki/HowTo_en

  • Hi, is it necessary to have the DUNS number for this??
    – saurabh
    Jan 22, 2015 at 14:54
  • $./cctools-ld64.sh -- Doesn't seem to work, as this link inside this script has nothing(the link -- "opensource.apple.com/tarballs/cctools/cctools-839.tar.gz/")
    – saurabh
    Jan 22, 2015 at 17:53
  • No, thats not a problem, there's archive by this URL (opensource.apple.com/tarballs/cctools/cctools-839.tar.gz). Try sed -i 's/proz -k=20 --no-curses/wget/g' cctools-ld64.sh before doing ./cctools-ld64.sh. Thats working for me. I will also edit an answer. In case this wont work — what linux do you use?
    – barjomet
    Jan 22, 2015 at 21:45
  • Hi, I tried out sed command to replace the text and the text did got replaced with it but still I get this message: ./cctools-ld64.sh: line 27: proz: command not found ./cctools-ld64.sh: line 28: md5sum: command not found
    – saurabh
    Jan 29, 2015 at 9:53
  • $ sed -i 's/proz -k=20 --no-curses/wget/g' cctools-ld64.sh — that just means sed command didn't applied, try again. Or if you want, you can replace all proz calls with wget or curl using your hands. Of cause you need wget or curl to installed on your system. ./cctools-ld64.sh: line 28: md5sum: command not found — you need to install md5sum, in most linux distros it's included in coreutils package or similar.
    – barjomet
    Jan 29, 2015 at 11:40

The above solution given by Barjomet is correct incase if its not mavericks, but if it is Maverics then following is the solution:

1) Install the appropriate command line tool 2) for building :a)xcodebuild -list -project .xcodeproj b)- xcodebuild -scheme build

For detail reference you can refer the following link:


  • 1
    mavericks isn't linux.
    – Wyatt Ward
    Aug 5, 2015 at 22:17

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